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Title: Synthesis and mechanical and tribological characterization of alumina-yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) nanocomposites with YSZ synthesized by means of an aqueous solution-gel. method or a hydrothermal route
Authors: GEUZENS, Elke
Cooymans, J.
Luyten, J.
Lemoisson, F.
Sastry, K.Y.
VAN BAEL, Marlies
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 34(5). p. 1315-1325
Abstract: In the present study, yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) nanoparticles, prepared by means of an aqueous solution-gel method or a hydrothermal route, are incorporated in a matrix of submicron alumina particles by wet mechanical milling. The microstructural characteristics and the mechanical and tribological properties of the obtained alumina-YSZ nanocomposites are evaluated as a function of different processing conditions like milling time, YSZ amount, sintering procedure and synthesis method of YSZ. It is noticed that the synthesis procedure and the agglomeration degree of the YSZ nanoparticles seriously affect the densification process of the alumina-YSZ nanocomposites and also their mechanical and tribological properties. The most probable cause for the difference is that the hydrothermally prepared YSZ nanoparticles are not as homogeneously distributed in the alumina matrix as the solution-gel prepared nanoparticles. Moreover the former nanoparticles have surface groups which release undesired gases during sintering. Thus to obtain a dense sample, nanocomposites with these nanoparticles require a higher sintering temperature and this has a negative effect on the mechanical and tribological properties of these materials. (C) 2007 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l. All rights reserved.
Notes: [Geuzens, E.; Van Bael, M. K.; Van den Rul, H.; Mullens, J.] Hasselt Univ, Inst Mat Res, Lab Inorgan & Phys Chem, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium. [Mullens, S.; Cooymans, J.; Luyten, J.] VITO Flemish Inst Technol Res Mat Technol, B-2400 Mol, Belgium. [Lemoisson, F.; Sastry, K. Y.; Froyen, L.] Katholieke Univ Leuven, Dept Met & Mat Engn, B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium. [D'Haen, J.; Van Bael, M. K.; Van den Rul, H.] IMEC VZW, Div IMOMEC, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium. [D'Haen, J.] Hasselt Univ, Inst Mat Res, Phys Anal Grp, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/9394
DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2007.03.001
ISI #: 000256950300029
ISSN: 0272-8842
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
Validation: ecoom, 2009
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