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Title: Playful City – Augmented Reality for City Making Workshop
PerformerPerformer : Constantinescu, Teodora
Kostov, Georgi
CreatorGraphicDesigner: Kostov, Georgi
ContributorCoproducer: Kostov, Georgi
ContributorProducer : Constantinescu, Teodora
Kostov, Georgi
ContributorEditor: Constantinescu, Teodora
Kostov, Georgi
ContributorFacilitator: Constantinescu, Teodora
Kostov, Georgi
Issue Date: 2017
Start Date: 2017-06-06
Review Discipline: multidisciplinair
Research Context: During the OUI Share Fest held in Paris, 5-7 July 2017, we were invited to hold a half day workshop to present the games we are developing within the Play!UC framework. The Workshop emphasized the potential and benefits of the use of serious games as tools to engage in collaborative processes and, at the same time, support learning and capacity building over a shared vision of the city. In concrete terms, we propose a Gamified Workshop, where two of our research prototypes - Floating City and PoliCity - will be played and analysed in small groups. The games are part of the Play!UC project. The wider framework of the project is based on an operative strategy that combines the use of co-located serious games and participatory processes to foster the understanding of complex urban problems. The Workshop consisted of testing different scenarios on how to improve the city through the development of economic, environmental and social projects. Participants had the opportunity to gain insight into the basics of serious games for urban development, how can such games be used in various collaborative processes, as well as learn important lessons from the development process they undergo. Floating City is a brainstorming game where players can bring their ideas and discussion contributions to a topic - for example, how to support local economies in the process of collaborative city development. For each idea, an air balloon is generated, which then pulls the city upwards and helps it fly! The balloons can be “liked” and commented on by the other players - making them bigger and lifting the city even faster. The contributions are saved automatically and are available for evaluation after the end of the game. In PoliCity every player slips into one of the three roles available in the game (the economy player, the environmental player or the social player). Together, the players can realize infrastructure and activity plans for different districts of a city. The digital game is played on a printed map using Augmented Reality and Smart Devices. By playing the two games we achieved a mutual information exchange, where participants experienced the games as environments in which they developed knowledge and skills that can be applied outside the game context, in the real world. The safe game environment allowed for experimentation and exploration giving participants the freedom to improve their understanding of a given topic without any immediate consequences or causing damage. Participants feedback to the methodology as well as to the prototypes themselves is equally important to the outcome of the Workshop that ended with a set of recommendations for the use of games in collaborative planning. Connected to the already established cycle of the Festival, a half day was destined to the Gamified Workshop and to the debate with participants, game designers and architects, urbanists, sensitive to new trends in city making and involved in collective processes. The presence of novel technology, such as augmented reality and the multidisciplinary and international character, will complete the set of experiences and opportunities produced within the Workshop.
Description: Time to play! Bring your ideas in the process of collaborative city making and keep Paris floating by playing Floating City. The second game we’ve prepared for you, PoliCity, is an augmented reality game. You will have the chance to slip into one of the three roles – the social player, the economist or environmentalist player – and realize infrastructure and activity plans for different districts of Paris. Find out how you can influence city making!
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Type: Artistic/designerly creation
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