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Title: Does including the full CVLT-II and BVMT-R improve BICAMS? Evidence from a Belgian (Dutch) validation study
Authors: Costers, Lars
Gielen, Jeroen
Eelen, Piet L.
van Schependom, Jeroen
Laton, Jorne
Van Remoortel, Ann
Vanzeir, Ellen
Van Wijmeersch, Bart
Seeldrayers, Pierrette
Haelewyck, Marie-Claire
D'Haeseleer, Miguel
D'hooghe, Marie-Beatrice
Langdon, Dawn
Nagels, Guy
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Background: The Brief International Cognitive Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) is a fast, easy-to-administer and already widely validated neuropsychological battery for cognition in multiple sclerosis. Objective: The goals of our study were to validate the BICAMS in a Belgian Dutch-speaking population and to investigate to what extent including extensive versions of two of the three BICAMS subtests improved its psychometric qualities. Methods: Ninety-seven persons with MS and ninety-seven healthy controls were included and group-matched on age, education level and gender. All participants performed the BICAMS with an extensive version of the CVLT-II and BVMT-R. Results: The SDMT and BVMT-R were able to dissociate between the MS and healthy control group, while the CVLT-II was not. Distributions of CVLT-II scores suggest learning effects in the MS group, indicating the need for alternative word lists or the construction of an adapted version fitted for repeated administration. Including the full CVLT-II and BVMT-R did not markedly improve the psychometric qualities of the BICAMS. Conclusion: This study validates the BICAMS in a Belgian Dutch-speaking population and facilitates the use of it in clinical practice, while providing evidence that including full versions of the CVLT-II and BVMT-R does not increase its psychometric qualities markedly.
Notes: [Costers, Lars; Gielen, Jeroen; van Schependom, Jeroen; Laton, Jorne; D'Haeseleer, Miguel; D'hooghe, Marie-Beatrice; Nagels, Guy] Vrije Univ Brussel, Ctr Neurosci, Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. [Haelewyck, Marie-Claire; Nagels, Guy] Univ Mons, Fac Psychol & Sci Educ, Mons, Belgium. [Eelen, Piet L.; Van Remoortel, Ann; D'Haeseleer, Miguel; D'hooghe, Marie-Beatrice; Nagels, Guy] Natl MS Ctr Melsbroek, Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. [van Schependom, Jeroen] Vrije Univ Brussel, UZ Brussel, Radiol, Brussels, Belgium. [Vanzeir, Ellen; Van Wijmeersch, Bart] Revalidatie & MS Centrum Overpelt, Overpelt, Belgium. [Van Wijmeersch, Bart] Univ Hasselt, Biomed Onderzoeksinst, Hasselt, Belgium. [Seeldrayers, Pierrette] Ctr Hosp Univ Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgium. [Langdon, Dawn] Royal Holloway Univ London, London, England.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/25748
DOI: 10.1016/j.msard.2017.08.018
ISI #: 000415341300008
ISSN: 2211-0348
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
Validation: ecoom, 2018
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