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Title: Aromatic Art (Re-)Reconstructed: In Search of Lost Scents
PerformerLecturePerformer: De Cupere, Peter
Verbeek, Caro
Dijksterhuis, Garmt
Betzwieser, Hagen
CreatorArtist: De Cupere, Peter
Duchamp, Marcel
Marinetti, F.T.
Koelewijn, Job
Nalls, Gayil
Leemeijer, Birthe
Betzwieser, Hagen
Brakenhoff, Esther
Corck, Sue
ContributorCurator: Verbeek, Caro
Wallert, Wende
Keywords: Scent in art
Olfactory art
Issue Date: 2017
Start Date: 2017-02-24
Review Discipline: beeldende kunsten
Research Context: The use of scent in art
Description: Smell, the neglected sense Though unnoticed, our sense of smell is a major mood determiner. Scents evoke vivid childhood memories. They are part of our identity: we each have a scent that is as unique as our fingerprints.Even cities have their own specific scent profiles. Still, we tend not to be aware of the profound effects of smell. VU Amsterdam is organizing a symposium on 24 February during which an art and fragrance historian, a psychologist and an artist will elucidate the importance of smell as part of culture. A new VU exhibition will also open that will let you observe that which is invisible, indefinable, elusive and often neglected: smell! Both activities are related to scent historian Caro Verbeek’s PhD dissertation, ‘Aromatic Art (Re-)reconstructed: In Search of Lost Scents’. A century ago, surrealists like Duchamp and futurists like Marinetti used scents to accentuate their images, exhibition spaces, poetry readings and toys. They used Brazilian coffee beans, erotic perfumes, sulfuric acid, ozone, incense and industrial fumes as means to influence the public. Most of these ‘aromatic interventions’ were intended to provoke, to confuse, to alter people’s mood or to add a sensory dimension. Unfortunately, many of these ‘artistic aromas’ have been lost. These days, artists all over the world are once again working with scents and aromas. The exhibition provides an overview of how international artists and perfumers incorporate scents into their art as they explore the boundaries of ‘visual’ expression. What does the countryside smell like? The Battle of Waterloo? The moon? The planet Earth? These and other lost and rare scents have been reconstructed thanks to the joint efforts of perfumers, chemists and historians. Indulge your olfactory sense and give your nose something to sniff at. Register for the symposium and come see the exhibition. Works of art by: Marcel Duchamp (FR) F.T. Marinetti (IT) Peter de Cupere (BE) Job Koelewijn(NL) Gayil Nalls (US) Birthe Leemeijer (NL) Hagen Betzwieser & Sue Corck (GE and UK) Esther Brakenhoff (NL)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/25725
Link to publication: http://www.peterdecupere.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=184:aromatic-art-re-reconstructed-in-search-of-lost-scents&catid=1:exhibition-news&Itemid=98
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Type: Artistic/designerly creation
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