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Title: Vascular channels in metacarpophalangeal joints: a comparative histologic and highresolution imaging study
Authors: Scharmga, A.
Keller, K. K.
Peters, Martijn
van Tubergen, A.
van den Bergh, Joop P. W.
van Rietbergen, B.
Weijers, R.
Loeffen, D.
Hauge, E. M.
Geusens, Piet
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7, p. 1-8 (Art N° 8966)
Abstract: We evaluated whether cortical interruptions classified as vascular channel (VC) on high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT) could be confirmed by histology. We subsequently evaluated the image characteristics of histologically identified VCs on matched single and multiplane HR-pQCT images. Four 3-mm thick portions in three anatomic metacarpophalangeal joint specimens were selected for histologic sectioning. First, VCs identified with HR-pQCT were examined for confirmation on histology. Second and independently, VCs identified by histology were matched to single and multiplane HR-pQCT images to assess for presence of cortical interruptions. Only one out of five cortical interruptions suggestive for VC on HR-pQCT could be confirmed on histology. In contrast, 52 VCs were identified by histology of which 39 (75%) could be classified as cortical interruption or periosteal excavation on matched single HR-pQCT slices. On multiplane HR-pQCT images, 11 (21%) showed a cortical interruption in at least two consecutive slices in two planes, 36 (69%) in at least one slice in two planes and five (10%) showed no cortical interruption. Substantially more VCs were present in histology sections than initially suggested by HR-pQCT. The small size and heterogeneous presentation, limit the identification as VC on HR-pQCT.
Notes: [Scharmga, A.; Peters, M.; van Tubergen, A.; van den Bergh, J. P.; Geusens, P.] Maastricht Univ, Div Rheumatol, Med Ctr, Dept Med, Maastricht, Netherlands. [Scharmga, A.; Peters, M.; van den Bergh, J. P.] Maastricht Univ, NUTRIM Sch Nutr & Translat Res Metab, Maastricht, Netherlands. [Scharmga, A.; Peters, M.; van Tubergen, A.; Geusens, P.] Maastricht Univ, CAPHRI Care & Publ Hlth Res Inst, Maastricht, Netherlands. [Keller, K. K.; Hauge, E. M.] Aarhus Univ Hosp, Dept Rheumatol, Aarhus, Denmark. [van den Bergh, J. P.; Geusens, P.] Hasselt Univ, Fac Med & Life Sci, Hasselt, Belgium. [van den Bergh, J. P.] Viecuri Med Ctr, Dept Internal Med, Venlo, Netherlands. [van Rietbergen, B.] Eindhoven Univ Technol, Dept Biomed Engn, Eindhoven, Netherlands. [Weijers, R.; Loeffen, D.] Maastricht Univ, Med Ctr, Dept Radiol, Maastricht, Netherlands. [Hauge, E. M.] Aarhus Univ, Dept Clin Med, Aarhus, Denmark.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/24463
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-09363-2
ISI #: 000408107000100
ISSN: 2045-2322
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
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