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Title: 'Round a roundabout #1'
PerformerPerformer : Hendrickx, Wouter
Claes, Stefanie
Claes, Barbara
CreatorComposer: Luyten, Roeland
CreatorWriter: Boon, Nico
ContributorDirector: Ceyssens, Patrick
ContributorEditor: Vaesen, Gretel
Keywords: Image analysis, image thinking, layering, memory rethinking, artist, painting, analyzing-images, imagery, image-research, association, interpretation, …
Issue Date: 2015
Start Date: 2015
Review Discipline: audiovisuele kunsten
Research Context: ‘Observations of the whole can influence the perception of the parts in various ways: sometimes the parts are no longer visible, sometimes they are. There are several ways of observing: our perception is very complex and flexible. Future research must outline which ways are taken in specific situations and how the brain mechanisms differ. We must not dwell too much on one single way of shape-forming through gestalt-theory.’ (Wagemans, 2012) So there's more to it. Cracks, noises, a whole range of possibilities, a demonic démarche of technological innovation, intertwined psychological reflections, etc.. I see this as a new renaissance in imagery, not a rebirth per se, but more the blossoming nursery of an innovative, dimensional fabric of an idea in which we also arrive at new mental views.
Description: Round a roundabout is an installation/stage play filmed 2 x 360° from which the actors and their game cannot escape. But, because of the changing algorithms controlled by the actors (seen as both negative and positive, seeking other reference points, extending viewing axes, etc.) and a changing consciousness around the perception of the visual, they attempt to make a way out possible. Being lost in a 360° image of classical reference points and image parameters is one of the starting points in the project. It is about watching and being watched. The layers in an image are interwoven in one take, so that the viewer needs time to look around and see everything. The production will be recorded by ourselves (MAD-faculty), Takt (www.takt.be) and Expertise-centre Digital Media / University Hasselt (www.uhasselt.be/edm), the actors are Wouter Hendrickx (from films and series:‘Helaasheid der dingen’, ‘Witse’, etc.) and Geert Van Rampelberg (from films and series:‘De zaak alzheimer’, ‘Parelvissers’, etc.). Prof. Johan Wagemans (Laboratory of Experimental Psychology / University of Leuven / KUL.) as an experimental psychologist doing interdisciplinary research, is the academic partner who will support the research aspect of visual perception. ‘How you observe things depends on which area of the brain is active. And you can switch over from one situation to another. You then see the activities in these areas either strengthening or weakening.’ (Wagemans, 2012)Other partners include: Prof Frank Vanreeth & Prof Philippe Bekaert EDM (expertise centre for digital media, University of Hasselt). The Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM) is the ICT research institute of Hasselt University. Their research focuses on two core competences: 'Visual Computing' and 'Human-Computer Interaction'. EDM's key objective is to be a leading research institute in human-computer interaction, computer graphics, multimedia, computer vision and virtual environments.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/20456
Link to publication: www.patrickceyssens.com
Category: AOR
Type: Artistic/designerly creation
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