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Title: Amorphous and perovskite Li3xLa(2/3)-xTiO3 (thin) films via chemical solution deposition: solid electrolytes for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries
Authors: van den Ham, Jonathan
Peys, Nick
De Dobbelaere, Christopher
D`Haen, Jan
Mattelaer, F.
Detavenier, C.
Notten, P. H. L.
Hardy, An
Van Bael, Marlies
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Thin films of amorphous and crystalline perovskite Li3xLa(2/3)−xTiO3 (LLT) (x = 0.117) are prepared by means of aqueous chemical solution deposition onto rutile TiO2 thin films as an anode, yielding an electrochemical half-cell. The Li-ion conductivity of the pin-hole free, amorphous LLT thin film (90 nm thick) is 3.8 × 10−8 S cm−1 on Pt and 1.3 × 10−8 S cm−1 on rutile TiO2, while measuring perpendicular to the thin film direction with impedance spectroscopy. Grazing angle attenuated total reflectance-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy shows that all organic precursor molecules have been decomposed at 500 °C. In addition, in situ (heating) X-ray diffraction analysis shows that phase pure crystalline perovskite LLT (x = 0.117) is formed on top of the rutile TiO2 anode at 700 °C. Furthermore, thickness control is possible by varying the precursor solution concentration and the number of deposition cycles. The current study presents a promising synthesis route to develop all-solid-state battery devices based on multi-metal oxide materials using aqueous precursor chemistry.
Notes: van den Ham, EJ (reprint author), Hasselt Univ, Inst Mat Res Inorgan & Phys Chem & IMEC, Div IMOMEC, Martelarenlaan 42, B-3500 Hasselt, Belgium. jonathan.vandenham@uhasselt.be
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/18555
DOI: 10.1007/s10971-014-3511-5
ISI #: 000350684600005
ISSN: 0928-0707
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
Validation: ecoom, 2016
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