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Title: Insights from internet-based remote intrathoracic impedance monitoring as part of a heart failure disease management program.
Authors: Mullens, Wilfried
Oliveira, Leonardo P.J.
Wilkoff, Bruce L.
Tang, Wai Hong Wilson
Verga, Tanya
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Congestive Heart Failure, 16 (4), p. 159-163
Abstract: Changes in intrathoracic impedance (Z) leading to crossing of a derived fluid index (FI) threshold has been associated with heart failure (HF) hospitalization. The authors developed a remote monitoring program as part of HF disease management and prospectively examined the feasibility and resource utilization of monitoring individuals with an implanted device capable of measuring Z. An HF nurse analyzed all transmitted data daily, as they were routinely uploaded as part of quarterly remote device monitoring, and called the patient if the FI crossed the threshold (arbitrarily defined at 60 X) to identify clinically relevant events (CREs) that occurred during this period (eg, worsening dyspnea or increase in edema or weight). A total of 400 uploads were completed during the 4-month study period. During this period, 34 patients (18%) had an FI threshold crossing, averaging 0.52 FI threshold crossings per patient-year. Thirty-two of 34 patients contacted by telephone (94%) with FI threshold crossing had evidence of CREs during this period. However, only 6 (18%) had HF hospitalizations, 19 (56%) had reported changes in HF therapy, and 13 (38%) reported drug and⁄or dietary plan nonadherence. The average data analysis time required was 30 min daily when focusing on those with FI threshold crossing, averaging 8 uploads for review per working day and 5 telephone follow-ups per week. Our pilot observations suggested that Internet-based remote monitoring of Z trends from existing device interrogation uploads is feasible as part of a daily routine of HF disease management.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1942/13424
DOI: 10.1111/j.1751-7133.2010.00149.
ISSN: 1751-7133
Category: A2
Type: Journal Contribution
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